Is it allergen-free? The Role of Testing in Your Food Allergen Management Programme

It may be tempting to believe that choosing a method of allergen analysis is as simple as finding one that detects the allergen of interest and has a reasonably low limit of detection.

While these are important attributes, it is essential that the method selected is suited to purpose. It should not only evaluate the measures to be applied but also verify the effectiveness of the allergen management plan and, of course, monitor the allergen status of all ingredients, materials and products.

At this workshop, we invite you to learn about the allergen risk assessment in the supply and production chain as well as some practical ways to carry out testing as part of your food allergen management programme.

Topics include:

  • Global regulations
  • Product recalls and trends
  • Allergen risk assessment
  • The latest and most effective testing methods

Meet the speakers:

Martin R. CandiaMartin R. Candia
Product Manager Allergens
Romer Labs

Ben GohBen Goh
Regional Senior Sales Manager
Romer Labs Asia

Martin Candia joined Romer Labs in November 2018 as Product Manager for the allergens division and is involved in method validation and application support in allergen testing. He provides scientific and technical advice to sales staff worldwide and conducts workshops and webinars for customers.

With extensive experience in the field of food allergies, he holds a Master's of Science degree in molecular biology and biotechnology from the National University of La Plata, where he specialized in immunology.
Ben Goh is a Regional Senior Sales Manager at Romer Labs Singapore, he draws on 9 years of professional experience in regional sales and marketing in medical diagnostic fields. Since joining Romer Labs in December 2017, he has initiated and implemented many overseas workshops aimed at improving technical and regulatory knowledge of companies within the APAC region.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Nanyang University of Singapore.

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