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Gluten in cereal

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Gluten in Cereal


  • Treat the testing material as if it was a sample for routine analysis.
  • Since these lateral flow devices are qualitative tests, only the presence of gluten above a certain threshold (LOD) can be determined. AgraStrip Gluten G12 users are kindly asked to state the chosen cut-off level (LOD) as well. If requested the two distributed samples can be tested at different cut-off levels. Please consider that only one result per sample and participant can be accepted.
  • Please submit your results and method details 
    latest until October, 13th 2023.
  • After successful result submission, you will receive a confirmation via email. For result evaluation a unique ID code will be assigned to your provided data set in order to provide confidentiality. This code will be sent individually to the participants together with the final report via email. 

Timeline of the survey (CSSAL017-A23371G):

  • Material available for ordering: Beginning of July 2023 (item number 10006040)
  • Submission deadline for results: October, 13th 2023
  • Distribution of reports to participants: Beginning of November 2023

Result Submission Form

CSSAL017 - A22371G 

Your unique laboratory ID will be sent to you together with the final CSS report within the communicated timeframe.