SurfACE™ Sponge-Stick
The fastest sponge release on the market

Introducing the new SurfACE™ Sponge-Stick for all your environmental monitoring needs.

Easy to use, sterile sampling devices for hygiene verification and environmental monitoring in food production facilities. 

What Makes SurfACE™ Sponge-Stick Unique?:

  • Fast patent-pending sponge release; take more samples in less time
  • Longest handle on the market; sample hard to reach areas
  • Environmentally friendly; stick is recyclable after use
  • No hard plastic left inside sponge; prevents the bag from tearing during transport
  • 12 months shelf-life at room temperature

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Romer Labs provides a broad range of sampling devices to meet your specific application. 

  • Get all your environmental sampling products from a single vendor
  • Available in various pre-moistening solutions
  • Products are irradiated for proven sterility
  • Option to purchase gloves, sample bags, and swabbing templated separately

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